Instruments: bass guitar, guitar

Director. Visionary. Sound Tech.

With roots on a Nebraska farm,

Dad is a pilot, industrial business owner,

and master of the technical side of our Branson production.

Instuments: hammered dulcimer, bass guitar, guitar

Thoughtful. Self-less. Relational.

She is the glue that makes everything run smoothly

both on and off stage.

She's affectionately known around here as 'Mom'!

Instruments: flute, bass guitar, keyboard

Diligent. Caring. Ambious.

A talented seamstress,

Ruth is the mastermind behind our wardrobe.

With over 300 clothing items needed, that's quite a feat!

Her warm alto voice and flute add a rich dimension

to the show.

Instruments: cello, guitar

Sweet. Athletic. Adventurous

Our organizational queen,

Elizabeth keeps the wardrobe, props,

and family schedule running smoothly.

On stage her sweet vocals are accompanied

by her skills on the guitar & cello.

Instruments: dobro, banjo, guitar, mandola, viola, harmonica

Creative. Kindhearted. Authentic.

A brilliant musician and director,

Matthias creates and arranges, most of the show.

He's voted our most-versatile instrumentalist

and performs solo and harmony work with his tenor voice.

His candid humor keeps us laughing on and off stage.

Instruments: mandolin, guitar, harmonica

Strong. Comical. Sincere.

Always ready with comic relief, or an upbeat comment,

Stephen is an integral part of the music and drama.

His fingers literaly fly over the mandolin strings and

he also supplies our deep, rich bass vocals.

Instruments: fiddle, keyboard

Cheerful. Friendly. Personable.

A nightingale of song,

Hannah's crystal clear voice is a lead vocal feature.

Her skills are matched on the violin

as she showcases a range from bluegrass fiddling

to classical strains.

Instruments: banjo, percussion

Spunky. Vivacious. Athletic.

Don't let her sweet grin deceive you,

Susanna is a fiesty, energetic element to the show.

With her banjo pickin' and smooth vocals,

she adds undeniable flavor to each performance.

Instruments: fiddle, keyboard

Friendly. Thoughtful. Enthusiastic.

If you're looking for a fiddle to make your toes tap,

and heart sing, look no further.

She may be young, but Alaythia is already a versitile musician,

performing both vocals and instrumentals with flair.

Instruments: concertina, percussion, harmonica, guitar

Creative. Thoughtful. Energetic.

With all the energy of boyhood,

Nathanael is a dynamic component both on and off stage.

Playing the uniquely challenging concertina,

his outgoing personality endears him to the crowd.

Instruments: fiddle

Outgoing. Friendly. Animated.

She may be the youngest of the group,

but Charissa can carry a conversation or take the stage

with the best of them.

Her sweet smile adds the carefree energy of childhood.