Our spiritual leader and man of the Word. Dad has a love for teaching Scripture and explaining it’s truths though real life situations. His marriage and family are top priority! Playing bass guitar, driving bus, and giving visionary direction is his forte, along with teaching family principles through family seminars.


Tenderhearted and selfless, Mom is 100% full time wife and mommy. Her treasured time are dates with Daddy and quiet afternoon reading with the younger children and grandchildren. Keeping the home organized and running smoothly are her daily pursuits and the hammered-dulcimer and guitar are her instruments of choice.

Alan & Rachel

Married in 2012, Alan and Rachel are relishing the joys of sharing life together in Kansas. Alan is a crop and beef farmer, so their days are filled with working together during the various seasons. They are both very active in local church and college ministries and especially love opportunities for hospitality.

Rachel continues to write songs for our family and other ministry outlets.



August 16

Early-rising and diligent, Ruth’s gentle spirit is a blessing in our home. Over the past couple years, she’s done extensive health and nutrition study. She is a certified doula and is currently working towards her goal of becoming a certified midwife. Her diligence and talents have revolutionized our garden and kitchen with delicious, hearty meals. She brings also the melodies of flute and keyboard to our family music.

Josiah & Abi

Josiah and Abi are currently living in Milford, Nebraska while Josiah works construction and continues his interest in aviation as a pilot instructor. A vivacious, outgoing couple, their days are filled with the adventures of parenting their sweet children, Joanna Praise (2/2010) and Asher David (11/2011).


Dan & Bethany

Dan and Bethany are residing in Wisconsin, where Dan is employed with a law firm. Bethany’s days are filled with homemaking and caring for their precious daughter, Arianna Mae (April-2012) and son, Caden James (February-2014). Dan and Bethany are gifted in hospitality and treasure relationships as they minister to others in variety of ways.

Andrew & Kori

Andrew and Kori live in Seward, Nebraska and enjoy opportunities to still play and minister in the family music group as often as possible. Andrew works in business management at a local AG company and Kori is often able to work with him. Kori has also been blessing us with her photography skills…taking most of the pictures on this website!



September 21

Hard-working and cheerful, Elizabeth has been dubbed our ‘white tornado’ for her diligence in keeping our home and bus in sparkling order. She greatly enjoys intense work-out sessions, and spending time with family. She is the family secretary and has gained valuable experience in schedule organization and management. She has become accomplished on rhythm guitar in addition to the rich sound of her cello.


June 18

The instrumentalist of our family, Matthias can play almost anything with strings. He is also the mastermind behind our original music arrangements and has recently begun composing. When he’s not practicing music, he enjoys graphic art, sound engineering, and video editing. He is the job site manager for our family’s irrigation business and does a remarkable job of running the site efficiently. He is also a great actor and his light-hearted humor brings lots of laughter to our home.



July 15

Stephen is our handy-man around our home or bus. He enjoys carpentry work, in addition to having a knack for computers and tech support. He is studying towards his pilots license and also works the irrigation business, keeping his irrigation work crew motivated! He has flying fingers on the mandolin and enjoys regular jam sessions with the other brothers.


June 23

Our energetic, social butterfly, Hannah is a skilled and creative young woman. She loves spending time in the kitchen — trying new recipes and creating culinary masterpieces. Our home also greatly benefits from her interest in interior design and seasonal decor. With a love for reading, she is rarely found without a stack of books nearby. Recently, she has stepped into the role of our lead vocalist and skillfully adds her fiddle to our musical selections.



March 7

Spunky and full of life, Susanna loves outdoor activities and is cunningly skillful on the volleyball court. Full of wit and humor, she brightens our life with her cheerful perspective. Her organization skills are a blessing as she manages our recordings and CD inventory and orders. She sings alto and has begun to play banjo for the group.


October 22

Alaythia’s sweet smile and regular hugs are a great joy in our home. She enjoys gymnastics, baking, reading, learning to sew, and keeping a diary. She is diligent with her school studies and spends many hours fiddling on her violin. She sings lead and alto and shares the fun of double fiddling with Hannah.



October 28

Full of energy and excited to learn, Nathanael is in his element whenever he can work or play with his older brothers. He is truly “all-boy” and loves building things, driving 4-wheelers, learning home repair skills, and bike riding adventures. He enjoys playing the harmonica and is currently learning the guitar.


September 25

Our little song-bird, Charissa daily delights us with her singing. She loves carrying on conversations with almost anyone and is becoming a big help with whatever the big kids are doing. She loves her nieces and nephew and spends hours entertaining and playing with them. Her biggest adventures this year include learning to read and piano lessons.