In the world that we live there are more and more broken lives and broken families. People are drifting without a purpose, or caught in the nets of despair. The timeless message of the sacrificial love of our Savior Jesus Christ and the life-changing power of His Word, the Bible, hold the only true lasting answers.

Our heart’s desire is to honor the Lord by serving Him together as a family . Through proclaiming His great plan of salvation through song and testimony, it is our hope and prayer to see lost souls come to trust Christ as well as Christians encouraged in the Lord and families strengthened for His glory.

History & Background

Loren and Gloria met while preparing to travel with a music ministry team in 1977. After being called to marriage in 1980, they moved to Nebraska to seek the Lord for His will in their lives as a couple.

The Lord used Psalms 127 to open their hearts to welcoming children, and Proverbs 22:6 to the awesome responsibility of training the children He would send.

Now, many years—and 13 children—later, He again has called them to minister as a team. Only this time it’s different. Each of the team members are family—sons and daughters that the Lord has given them. The Lord has laid on each of the children’s hearts a portion of the vision He first gave their parents: to praise and testify of Him by using their skills and talents in music.

The family first started sharing locally through song and testimony in 1999, but soon the Lord started opening doors to share with a wider audience and through a great variety of events and services. While opportunities are increasing, the family is eager to keep their message uncompromising and true to God’s Word.

Through each musical concert the family shares through humorous—and sometimes poignant—personal testimonies of the Lord’s work in their lives. Each of the children are involved in some aspect of the ministry. People are delighted to see the family’s close knit relationships as they encourage and interact with each other through every program.

Musical Flavor

The Wissmann family believes that music was made to glorify and praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, they endeavor to keep their music joyful and melodious.

Playing a variety of Christian/Gospel music, the family has chosen to make each song creative with both instrumentation and vocals. From the warm sweet sound of young children blending harmonies, to the more mature voices of the older siblings — deep bass to high sopranos. The variety in each program is exciting and fresh.

The array of instruments includes: guitar, bass guitar, violin/fiddle, banjo, mandolin, harmonicas, hammered dulcimer, keyboard/piano, trumpet, flute, and harp.

Throughout each concert the Wissmanns showcase bluegrass, gospel, original selections, patriotic numbers, audience participation, and refreshing, creative arrangements of timeless hymns.

Financial Arrangements

We have been blessed to be able to truly say, “The Lord is our Provider”! We travel on a love-gift offering basis, trusting God to meet our needs through the generosity of His people. If you prefer not to have a free-will offering, please let us know and we will negotiate enough to cover our needs.

Variety of Events

Over the past several years the Wissmann’s have ministered at a wide range of events including: church services and functions, banquets, Bible camps, state and local conventions, county fairs, city festivals, and Christian schools. They also share multi-session Family Seminars with the goal of strengthening families and equipping them to raise a generation who love the Lord with all their heart.

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