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My Heart, Your Home

Our first album released especially for children!

Filled with creative arrangements, each of these original songs are filled with the fun energy of childhood while delivering a powerful, Biblical message. The enthusiasm and sweetness of young voices will delight listeners of all ages.

This project also includes a full-color, 16-page lyric booklet especially for those little singers who want to join along with the music!

  1. Joyful Shout
  2. Sowing the Seed
  3. Growing in Wisdom
  4. I Will Live for You
  5. He Is Faithful
  6. As I Go
  7. Let the World Praise
  8. Stand in Truth
  9. Call for Freedom
  10. Share
  11. Be Strong
  12. Great Adventure
  13. Trust in the Lord
  14. Jehovah Reigns
  15. Shalom
  16. Alpha Omega
  17. Guard Your Heart
  18. Choices
  19. Your Grace
  20. My Heart, Your Home